We offer community inclusion activities, educational assessments, sensory evaluations, and linking to resources to increase quality of life for children with special needs.

The fun will return, even though the pandemic has led a pause in our social events does not mean we are done with our mission. It's time to look forward to a positive future where inclusive recreation will gather us together once again. 

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What have we been working on since the pandemic? We are trying to renovating a park to create an inclusive recreation play area. 

The Mack's Creek Park now has new picnic benches, new shingles on the pavilion, plastic swings vs. the old wooden ones, and trash service. The kids at the Macks Creek school are hoping for football goal posts. The average cost is 5,000.00. I am working on a grant to make this happen. It has a 50/50 match. This means we have to raise 2500.00. If anyone would like to host, or participate in a fundraiser please message me, or comment in this post. I look forward to hearing from you and making a difference in this rural area town.  Contact us now if you would like to join our efforts. 


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